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Chip Adams

Owner | Broker

My name is Chip Adams and I am the owner/broker of Adams Family Real Estate. I have been selling Real Estate in the Oklahoma City market for over 10 years.  My first year of selling Real Estate in 2007 I was named Rookie of the Year at Keller Williams.  As my career advanced,  I began to realize that the main thing a seller gets from listing their house with a Realtor is getting it put in the MLS where all the buyers are looking. I soon discovered that houses sell themselves and that the Listing Realtor has nothing to do with how fast or slow a house sells.  This led me to realize that it is impossible for one Realtor to sell a house faster than another. Listing Realtors like to talk about all the “marketing” they do and in reality the only marketing needed is to get the house in the MLS which is the most powerful marketing tool in the history of Real Estate. I wondered if there was another way to list your home without having to pay a 6% commission so I started doing some research. I found that there were some Brokers doing entry only listings for an upfront fee and this really began to interest me more. What I found in my research was that most if not all of the Brokers doing these were out of state and everything was being done over the internet. They would just put a minimum MLS listing in and disappear.  I came up with a plan to do these on a local level with more of a personalized touch. A hybrid listing if you will.  I will meet each one of my customers in person and spend time with them answering questions about the process. I can assure you will not be disadvantaging your home by using my Flat Fee listing program. You just have to be willing to take on some of the responsibilities that a 6% agent would normally handle such as scheduling showings, receiving offers etc. This program is not for everybody but I think the amount of money you can save sure makes it appealing.

I was born and raised in Oklahoma City so I know the market well. I have been married to my wife Karri for 28 years and we have two children. My daughter Alexandria graduated from Oklahoma State in 2017 and is now a third-grade teacher at Nichols Hills Elementary.. My son Tyler is a freshman at Oklahoma State.